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Treasure Island

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Well............ it was 44 on my back porch around 7 AM. However by 9 AM it was up into the 50's with the sun shinning brightly. Absentees John & Susan, Glenn & Sandy, Frankie & Janet, C Rob, Nancy and Kim & Tom came. New bicycler Maggie P came. Welcome all. Fortunately they are making the sidewalk along the beach bigger and better. Unfortunately the beach sidewalk isn't finished and we had to limit our skate/bicycle to the Isle of Capri and the Isle of Palms with a run along Gulf Blvd's East sidewalk. We had 9 bicyclists and did about 10 miles. Janet and Frankie broke away during the skate and went to the restaurant and made reservations for us.

We Brunched at Ricky T's instead of Foxy's as planned. A couple of people weren't that happy with Foxy's from the last time we did Treasure Island. Since Janet and Frankie had made reservations for us we got seated immediately at four tables outside on the patio. It had warmed up and was very nice on the patio. Service varied considerably within our four tables but all got in and out within an hour. Ratings at three of the tables were a 10. One table had a 9.75 so we'll give Ricky T's a 9.9.


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