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Walsingham Park

Another Beautiful (but cold) Day in Paradise. A glance at my car thermometer when we started indicated it was 42. When we finished, it had gotten all the way up to 44. Burrrrrrrrrr. Absentees Wendy H and Deb B came. Welcome back ladies. We did the usual route of going around Walsingham Lake with the first time including Heritage Park. Five of us did only two laps for 7.5 miles and two brave souls did 3 laps for 10.5 miles. We had 4 skaters and 3 bicyclers. Wendy and Deb renewed their Sponsorship. Thanks for the Web Site support ladies.

We Brunched at the Savory Restaurant as planned. Everyone ordered versions of the Savory Skillet. Service was good and the food excellent. Brunch was at least a 9.6.


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