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Wall Springs

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We did have some fog but the temperature was in the 60's and the sun finally peaked through. Absentees Herb E & friend Leslie, Pat K, Ginnie & Rick, Bill & Kathy and Mike M came. New bicycler Karen came. Welcome all. We did our normal Wall Springs route up through Tarpon and over to Keystone Rd. and back with the short side trail. Construction on Keystone Rd looked like it was coming along nicely but unfortunately the Trail extension over to East Lake Rd was still only about a block long. Roy and Rick indicated we did 12 miles. We had 14 people with 11 bicyclists and 3 skaters. Since last Sunday Diane L, Vivian A, Mark & Carole Z, Pat O, Kim D, Nancy G & Michael E, Ken M, Sandi B & Michael R, Linda M & Tom H, Breeze & Laura, Steve G, Dee & Sam, Herb E, Mike M and Bill H renewed their Sponsorships. Pat K became a new Sponsor. Thanks all for the web site support.

We Brunched at Benedict's instead of Danny Kay's as planned. They were having the yearly Epiphany Celebration in Tarpon. Rick & Ginnie went ahead and reserved us a table for 12. We got right in and eventually they got us some coffee and eventually some refills. However the food was great as usual. Dee and others give them a 9.5.


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