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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was a little cool at the start being about 51 degrees. However it warmed up to the high 50s by the end of the skate/bicycle. Absentees Wendy, Rob H, Janice and Pat K came. New bicyclers (relatives of Jeff) Bill & Diana came. Welcome all. The breeze was out of the North so we headed North. Bruce had to go to a pre-ski trip meeting so he turned around at Curlew, a group turned for a 12 mile round trip and Wendy, Roy and Dee made it all the way to Wall Springs and back for a 15 mile skate. We had 4 skaters and 9 bicyclers. Dee took pictures on the bridge and at the Brunch as Bruce was gone. Thanks Dee for the pictures and the skate report. Mary Beth and Joe W, Jeff W and Leo F renewed their Sponsorships since last Sunday. Thanks for the Web Site support.

Brunch was at Benedicts instead of Iris's as planned. One of the group went ahead and got reservations so everyone got right in. Benedicts sat everyone at a big long table. It took a while to get served but the food was excellent as usual. Rob rated his Brunch a 9.75. Thanks Dee for the Brunch report and sorry I couldn't remember who went ahead.


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