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Denver Park & Brunch by Darlene

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Jeff's prediction was right, it didn't rain. You can tell summer is coming as the humidity is back. Absentees Pete K, Ronny, Sandi B, Mike R, Ginny H, Wendy, Paula, Rob and Dorey Anne came. New bicyclers Peggy E, Karen T, Nicholas S and Dimitri F came. Welcome all. Jeff took us to his house for the group picture and then up to 62nd Ave and North on 1st St and back through some older trails. Then we headed South on 1st St. A group went back at 62nd Ave for about 8 miles. A group went back at 38th Ave for about 10 miles. A group went all the way to 22nd Ave and back for 14 miles. We had 15 bicyclists and 10 skaters. Three missed the group picture. Dimitri F became a Sponsor. Thanks Dimitri for the support to the web site.

We Brunched at Jeff and Darlene's as planned. Darlene had everything ready for us to devour when we arrived. She had about 10 different plates/bowls of delicious food to feast on. Ten more people came to share the food with us. We had quite an eating and social time. Thanks Jeff and Darlene for a great skate/bicycle and Brunch.


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