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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had lovely weather with clear blue skies. Absentees Bill & Cathy H, Jeff B, Glenn & Sandy R, Peggy E, Karen T, Gustavo M, Dorey Anne and Julie K came. Welcome back all. Jeff B suggested we go to the Pier and have our group picture taken there as the Pier will soon be gone. Unfortunately the Pier group picture didn't have everyone in it. We then headed to Snell Isle and did basically our normal skate/bicycle there. John L. guided us through a few new areas and we stopped at Kim & Joel's house for another group picture. This time we got everyone plus Kim & Joel and their son. We had 4 skaters and 11 bicyclers. Gustavo M and Peggy E became Sponsors today. Thanks Gustavo and Peggy for the web site support. Gustavo also sent me 63 of his best pictures he took on the skate/bicycle. Thanks again Gustavo.

We Brunched at Harvey's on 4th Street as planned. John L went ahead and reserved us a table. We therefore got right in and seated at a big long table. Service was good and the coffee flowed freely. Rob rated his Brunch only a 9 but we had some 9.5s so we'll give Harvey's a 9.25.


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