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Mainlands & Brunch by Ginnie

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The skies were clear and sunny. Fortunately we also had a little breeze. Absentees Olivia M & Peter K, Rob & Amy H, Steve G, Dorey Anne, Barbara M, John M, Frankie L & Janet L, Wendy H, Bill & Kathy H and John L came. Welcome all and it was great to see such a big turn out. Quite a few people came that we hadn't seen in quite a while. Our big group picture was in front of Ginnie's lovely and beautiful home. We did our usual The Lakes, Mainlands & Gateway Center route. Naturally however Cindy had to take a new route around the lake behind Bill Jacksons. As our route had a lots of different roads and turns, I gave out maps and Jeff B stayed back and kept slower people from getting lost. We had 4 bladers and 21 bicyclers. Most everyone did the 10 miles.

We Brunched at Ginnie's and splashed in her pool as planned. Glenn and Sandy joined us for Brunch. Ginnie had lots of wonderful food and drinks for us all. It was a great way to relax after exercising on a hot summer day. Thanks Ginnie and Rick for a delicious Brunch and a relaxing pool side social.


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