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Wall Springs

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The rain showers were coming and going. Our plan was to go in between them and some how we managed too. Absentees Gustavo and Chris & Theresa V came. Welcome all. We decided to head South until the trail got too wet and then North and back. We did a 6 mile round trip going South over the lovely smooth repaved trail and then a 4.7 mile round trip North for a total of 10.7 miles. We had 2 bladers and 10 bicyclers.

We decided to Brunch at Rodies Restaurant. We called ahead for reservations and got right in and seated at a big long group of tables they had put together for us. Our waitress treated us like kings and queens and gave us great service. The food was very good and Rob rated his Brunch a 9.75.


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