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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise but we had a typical hot & humid summer day. Absentees Dave A, Glenn & Sandra R, Carol J, John L and Breeze & Laura came. Welcome all. We headed South as usual from Wal-Mart. However today we had an added attraction. Someone had sprinkled little pieces of glass several places along the trail South of Pasadena Ave. Unfortunately Bruce M and Carol J got flat tires on their bicycles. Jeff B came back and rescued us. Thanks Jeff. Everyone but the flat tire people did the round trip of ~13 miles. We had 5 bladers and 10 bicyclists.

We Brunched at Doe Does as planned. We got in in shifts as the flat tire people and Jeff were 30 minutes or so late. The flat tire table got pretty good service and delicious food as usual for Doe Does. Jeff rated his Brunch a 10+ and Bruce his Brunch a 9.7.


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