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Long Center

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was around 77 and cloudy today. It was raining in many areas. Fortunately at the Long Center the rain had been light and had stopped for some time. Bladers/Bicyclers Dorey Anne, Cindy S, Gerald Y, Jim H, Carol J, Steve G, Laura P, Roy H, Leslie R, Dimitri F, Bruce M, Wendy H, Jeff B, Breeze, Amy & Rob H and Herb E came. Welcome all. Dimitri indicated Karen T's car battery had died and she Julie K & Peggy E might meet us along the way. Iara W, was headed our way but would be late. We proceeded out along the East-West Trail and hit quite a few wet spots. Hopefully those with Blades will oil their bearings when they get home. We went up to Safety Harbor and out to the Marina Pier and back for 11 miles. We met Karen, Julie & Peggy at the Marina. On the way back we came across Tom & Kim D and group putting their Kayaks into the water. Was good to see them and Kim talked about a June Costa Rica trip next summer. Rebecca H was also there with the Kayak group but with her skates on. She skated back with us. We had 6 bladers and 12 bicyclers.

We Brunched at the Sunset Grill as planned. We got right in and seated at two big tables end to end. The coffee flowed freely but the service was pretty slow. It took us over an hour to get in and out. However the food was very good as usual and Rob and others agreed on a food rating of 9.75. Iara at least managed to joined us for the Brunch. Was good to see her smiling face again.


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