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Pasadena & the Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had beautiful clear skies with a ENE breeze. Skaters/Bicyclers Adam H, Dee T, Dorey Anne, Amy & Rob H, Rick P & Ginny H, Steve G, Carol J, Dimitri F, Bruce M, John L, Rob G, Cindy S, Wendy H, Jeff B and Iara W came. Welcome all. We got a little slow start as 3 girls came late and we waited for them to get into the group picture. I won't mention their names but they are in the front row. Our round trip to John L's condo and back was ~12.5 miles. We had 5 skaters and 12 bicyclers.

John L met us at his condo building elevator and sent us all up to the 28th floor where John's helper, Joanie was waiting for us with Brunch ready. We sat around a circular bar and devoured the Brunch. Afterwards we took in the beautiful view and enjoyed ourselves some more. Thanks John L and Joanie for a great Brunch.


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