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Courtney Campbell Causeway

Another almost Beautiful Day in Paradise. The skies were looking dark like it was going to rain any minute and the wind was blowing 10 -15 mph out of the SW. You could even feel a few rain drops ever so often. Bicyclers Bruce M, Rob H, Jeff B, Carol J and Dimitri F came in spite of the weather. It had rained earlier and was too damp to roller blade. One group did 14 miles and the rest did 13 miles.

We discussed where to eat Brunch and Jeff talked us into going to The Athens Restaurant in Safety Harbor. We just had to figure out how to get there from Cypress Point Park. It actually was very easy. We got right in and seated together. Service was pretty good and the coffee flowed freely. Jeff and Rob got the House Specialty Omelettes. Both loved them and Rob rated his a 9.8.


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