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Taylor Park

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. It was in the mid 40s at the beginning and was in the mid 50s at the end of the Skate/Bicycle. Bladers/Bicyclers Peggy E, Jeff B, Wendy & Kelly H, Steve G, Bruce M, Patrice H, Karen T, Sara D, Dimitri F, Rick P, Ginnie S, Rob H, Dee T, Roy H, Chris & Theressa V, and Tim & Vickie K came. New Bicyclers John and Christie B came. Welcome all. There was some sort of race taking place on the Pinellas Trail so we decided to do the back streets. Fortunately Roy H was present so he could lead us on the streets. Thanks Roy. They had upgraded a lot of the streets and were working on more. It should be an even better route once they are done. We had 4 Bladers and 17 Bicyclers. Everyone did the 9 mile route. Peggy E, Glenn & Sandy R, Peter & Sherrie F and Rob G renewed their Sponsorships for 2014. Thanks for the website support.

We Brunched at Rob & Amie's as planned. Amie started having brunches at Rob's 50th birthday and this one was her 9th in a row. Rob's birthday was on the 14th so Happy belated Birthday Rob. Pete and Sherrie, Glenn and Sandy, Breeze, Kyle, Deb B and Deb D joined us for the Brunch. Amie did her usual wonderful Brunch so everyone ate and drank until they were stuffed. Thanks again Amie for another delicious and social Brunch. No one jumped into their beautiful pool. I wonder why?


A Big Thanks to all the contributing photographers, without you guys this page would not be possible.
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