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Ft. Desoto

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had clear skies, temperatures in the high 70s and a slight breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers Breeze, Bob L, Carol J, Nancy L, Dorey Anne, Dee T, Nick S, a Sexy Lady Pirate, Linda & Dan C, Jeff B, Wilma & Jim F, Laura P, Rob H and Bruce M. Welcome all. Bruce sprang a whole new venue on all and they went for it. We didn't do Ft. Desoto at all but did Paradise Key and the road leading up to the bridge to Ft. Desoto. Most of the group did 10 miles and a couple broke off and did 2 more miles. We had 12 bicyclers and two bladers. Bob L, Jim F and Dan C became Sponsors today. Thanks Bob, Jim and Dan for the website support.

We didn't Brunch at Skyway Jacks or Munchs as planned but Brunched at a Tierra Verde restaurant, The Island Grille. They took our phone reservation and had a big table for waiting for us in a separate room all to ourselves. Our waiter was very pleasant and helpful. After he got our coffee and water served and he provided extra pitchers of both. He brought our the meals as they became ready so everyone got a hot meal. It did take us about one hour and 15 minutes to get in and out but we had a very social time. Rating for the Brunches ranged from 9.0 to 9.8. We'll give The Island Grille a 9.4. All said they would come again.


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