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Pasadena Ave & the Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. The temperature was in the low 80s, we had party cloudy skies and a little breeze out of the NW. A lovely day to be on the Trail. Bladers/Bicyclers Wilma & Jim F, Breeze, Dee T, John L, Laura P, Linda C, Paula C, Dimitri F, Dorey Anne, Roy H, Bruce M, Carol J, Steve G, Jeff B, Kevin K and Dan C came. Welcome all. We headed towards down town on the Trail and went all the way to the end of Demens Landing and then back up to the Dome Grill on Central Ave. We stopped at the Dome Grill for Brunch. After Brunch we took 6th St. back to the Trail and headed back to Pasadena Ave. There were 15 Bicyclers and 2 Bladers. Round trip distance was 12.7 miles. New Bicycler Kevin K became a Sponsor today. Thanks Kevin for the website support.

At the Dome Grill for Brunch, we all got our bicycles parked with some on the side walk and some in parking places but all in front of the Dome Grill. We got in, our orders placed and seated at two side by side tables in about 15 minutes. Everyone had their meals in about another 15 minutes and in a total of 45 minutes we were headed back to the Trail. It was nice, cool and refreshing in the Dome Grill and a good opportunity to use the the restroom in the middle of a blade/bicycle. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Brunch and I gave it a 9.3 rating.


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