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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had nice blue skies with a few clouds, temperatures in the low 80's and a little SE breeze. Bladers/bicyclers Rob H, Phil V & Cindy, Carol J, Linda & Dan C, Wilma & Jim F, Dee T, Tom D, Charles C, Steve G, Rob G, Bruce M, Kim & Delaney D and two others that missed the picture. Welcome all. We headed South on the Trail as that way was the smoothest and the wind was out of the SE. I believe everyone did the Trail to 34th St and back for 13+ miles. We had 8 Bladers and 10 bicyclers.

We Brunched at Doe Does as planned. We got in pretty quickly and seated at 3 tables. The service was pretty good and the coffee refills were a little slow but picked up. The food was very good as usual and we gave Doe Does a 9.6.


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