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City of Seminole Park


Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Well it was in the low 60s and damp which discouraged a lot of people from coming. Bladers/Bicyclers Carol J, Jeff B, Bruce M, Steve G and Dee T came. Welcome all. At 9 AM the group in the Brunch picture were the only ones at City of Seminole Park. After discussing it we decided to eat Brunch at Trips Diner and then see how the weather was and how we felt to determine if we would would bicycle or not. We got right in at Trips and seated. The service was good and the coffee flowed freely. We got in and out within an hour. Ratings on the food ranged from a 9 to 9.5. We'll give Trips a 9.25. Ran into Jeff W at Bill Jackson's on Saturday and Jeff renewed his Sponsorship. Thanks Jeff for the website support.

After Brunch Jeff suggested we do Lake Seminole Park instead of doing the Pinellas Trail. Since Lake Seminole Park was closer to home for us, we agreed and did Lake Seminole Park. Dee didn't bring skates or a bicycle so it was just 4 of us bicycling. Some did 3 laps for 6 miles and the rest did 4 laps for 8 miles. It was just starting to warm up at the end of the bicycle ride.



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