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Courtney Campbell Causeway

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had beautiful clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 50s and a little NW breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers Mike S, Diana S, Peggy & Dick, Tim & Vicky K, Roy H, Andrew F & Claudia R, Bill S, Dorey Anne, Theresa & Chris V, Judy S, Dee T, Rob H, Ginnie S & Rick P, John L, Steve G, Carol J, Kelly & Wendy H, Jeff B and Bruce M came. Welcome all. We headed out the trail from Cypress Point Park towards the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The only unknown was how far we could go against that NW breeze. Most everyone made it to the causeway bridge for a 12 mile round trip. A few even went further to add another mile or so. We had 6 bladers and 19 bicyclers. A very nice group. Wendy H, Ken M and Cindy B renewed their Sponsorship this last week. Thanks Wendy, Ken and Cindy for the website support.

We attempted to Brunch at the I Hop as planned but the I Hop had a 40 minute wait. We than decided to go to the Garden restaurant. Well...... Some of us went to the Garden Grille on Hillsborough Ave and the others went to Athenian Gardens in Safety Harbor. We had a little problem with communications. Anyway the group that went to the Garden Grille rated their Brunch a 9.8. We had 4 tables at Athenian Gardens and got ratings from 8 to 9.9. One table rated theirs a 9.5 so that's what we'll give Athenian Gardens.



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