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Curlew Road & The Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had very nice weather. It was in the 60s, with clear blue skies and a little SE breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers Phil V, Carol J, Wendy F (Jeff's sister), Dee T, Roy H, Bill S, Bruce M, Jeff B, Rob H and Dimitri F came. We decided to head South instead of North as the breeze was coming out of the South. Even though the Bladers would have a rougher trail they said they could handle it. We got to the fringes of Clearwater and turned around making our round trip about 11 miles. Roy and Dimitri decided they needed to do some more miles and headed towards Honeymoon Island. We had 3 Bladers and 7 Bicyclers. This was a pretty small group and we decided that Chris & Theresa's party Saturday night was just too much fun and many stayed later than they could handle.
We Brunched at Benedicts as planned. We got right in and seated at a table in the rear corner of Benedicts. Believe this was not a good location as we sort of got ignored. Finally the waitress took our orders and brought us some coffee and water. Eventually our food came and it was pretty good. Even though the service wasn't very good the food got a rating of 9.5. Somehow all this disturbed the photographer and he didn't even take a Brunch picture.



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