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Treasure Island

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (Top Row Left) Ginnie S & Rick P, Carol J, Andrew F, Dee T, Frankie L, John L (Middle Row Left) Wilma & Jim F, Wayne & Pam L, Rob H, Roy H, Leo F, Gail & Jay B, (Bottom Row Left) Jeff B, Bruce M, Jim W and Janet L came. Welcome all. Jeff suggested we do the beaches first, then the Isle of Palms and last the Isle of Capri. This would have us end up near Rosselli Park where our cars were. Sounded good and off we went. Jeff had us do the complete beach sidewalk and the whole Isle of Palms or so it seemed. It was getting near 10 AM after doing the Isle of Palms so we decided just to go back to the cars and head to Caddy's. We had 5 bladers and 15 bicyclers. As it turned out part of the group decided to keep on going and they ended up doing 14 miles and not going to Brunch at Caddy's.
We headed to Caddy's as planned. Janet & Frankie went ahead and reserved us two tables. When only the nine of us ended up at Caddy's we figured out some of us had kept on blading/bicycling. Anyway we got seated as soon as we arrived at Caddy's thanks to Janet & Frankie. The service was okay and the coffee flowed pretty good. The food was fine but not that special. We gave Caddy's a 9.0. However the fun of being on the beach with the beach goers was a new Brunch experience and quite worth the while. We should do it at least once a year.


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