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Legacy Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had clouds at the start but it cleared up when we could have used the shade on the return trip as temperatures got up into the 80s. There was a nice little breeze out of the South. Bladers/Bicyclers (from left top row) Bruce M, Crystal W, Rob G, John L, Sandy R, Glennis W, Claudia R & Andrew F, Linda & Dan C, Dee T, Wilma F. Steve G. Jim F, Dorey Anne, Carol J, Theresa & Chris V (from left bottom row kneeling) Iara B, Willi E, Jeff B, Wendy H, Ginnie S and Rick P came. Lorraine & James L got lost and missed the group picture. Welcome all. The plan was to head South on the Trail and turn around at the Train Station. If you got tired on the way to the Train Station just relax at a shelter and wait for the others to come back by. This worked pretty good as we had groups do 16, 18, 20 and 22 miles. We had 7 bladers and 17 bicyclers.

We brunched at Willi's Club House as planned. The maps to the club house Bruce passed out weren't perfect but we think everyone that tried made it. Willi got a group of girls helping her and Brunch was ready after a short time. There was some orange juice and champagne to keep people entertained while Brunch was in preparation. We had a few stories about some pretty tired people but all seemed to recover after a great Brunch. Thanks Willi for a fun skate/bicycle and the great Brunch. We'll give you a 10+


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