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Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had very cloudy skies, temperatures in the 80s and a little SW breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers (top row left) Vivian A & Matz, Michael E, Jeanine M, Herb E, Bruce M, (bottom row left) Rick P, Ginnie S, Jeff B, Carol J, Dorey Anne and Charles C. are in the picture. Iara B missed the picture. Welcome all. As we were about to take the group picture, it started raining to the West of the building we were at. On the East side of the building (the trail side) it was not raining. We decided to head to the South end and come back and see how the weather was. When we we got back to the building, it started thundering. Part of the group decided it would be better to stop and go have Brunch. A few decided they would continue on and check out the bridge that had been replaced on the trail. The new bridge looked good. The group that checked out the new bridge continued on to Gunn Hwy and back for 10 miles. The group that stopped early did 3 miles. We had 3 bladers and 10 bicyclers. Jeanine M renewed her Sponsorship. Thanks Jeanine for the website support.

We Brunched at the Garden Grille as planned. The first group there saved the second group seats so we all Brunched together. The service was good and the coffee flowed freely. We had some good ratings and some not so good ratings. We gave the Garden Grille a 9.4.

Also checked out the West End (at Bayshore Blvd) of the extended Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail. Not much parking at the West End but the Trail looks good.



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