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Pink Streets

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had temperatures in the 80s, clear blue skies and a little breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers (top left) Sandi R, Ginnie S, Barbara M, Rick P, Nick S, Rob H, Andrew F, Paula C, Dorey Anne, Jim F, (bottom left) Carol J, Jeff B, Linda & Dan C, Bruce M and Wilma F. Welcome all. We did our regular Pink Streets route with our usual stop at Linda and Brians. Brian was outside and got Linda and her sister to come out and say hello to all. We continued on and met Steve G who had arrived late so we met him at the Bay Vista Park. We had 2 Bladers and 14 Bicyclers. Almost everyone did the 10.5 mile round trip. We took a short survey and had people estimate the amount of shade we had on our route. Most people estimated ~75% shade.

We decided to Brunch at Munchs. Fortunately we got there before the crowds and we all got quickly seated at two tables. The service was good and the coffee flowed freely. Several people had 9.8 Brunches but a couple had a Brunch that was just okay. We'll give Munchs a 9.7.



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