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Curlew & The Trail

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had temperatures in the 80s, lightly cloudy skies and almost no breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers (back row from left) Janice H, Roy H, Rob H, Jeanine M and her son Kevin M, (front row from left) Steve G, Dee T, Jeff B and Bruce M. Welcome all. We talked about going South, to Honey Moon Island and North. North won and we headed North. We ended up in 3 basic groups: the bladers, the faster bicyclers and the not as fast bicyclers. The faster bicyclers made it up to the Old Train Station in Tarpon and back for 15 miles. The not so fast bicyclers made it up to the edge of Tarpon and then did Wall Springs Park on the way back for 15 miles. Note: Wall Springs Park is now open again. The bladers made it up to the animal cages just south of Tarpon and back for 11 miles. At the animal cages, the trail was under water. We had 2 bladers and 7 bicyclers. In the last several weeks, Jeanine M, Cindy S and Gustavo H renewed their Sponsorships. LoMona H became a new Sponsor. Thanks to Jeanine, Cindy, Gustavo and LoMona for the website and Sunday Bladers support.

We brunched at Benedicts as planned. I think the blader group got their first and saved space for the rest of us. Thanks Jeff and Dee. Service was good, polite, the food was great and the coffee flowed freely. We had several rating of 10s and a couple not quite as good. We'll give Benedicts a rating of 9.9.



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