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Pink Streets

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Temperatures were in the high 60s, the skies were cloudy and we had a brisk East breeze. Bladers/Bicyclers (back row left) Jay B, Rick P, Glennis W, Cher, Dan C, Rob H, Donna S, Jim F, John L, (middle row left) Gail B, Ginnie S, Michele P, Linda C, Dorey Anne, (bottom row left) Bruce M, Steve G, Jeff B, Carol J, Dee T and Wilma F came. It was good to see old friends and new friends. Welcome all. As this was the first time in many years we had done the Pink Streets from Bay Vista, we had to figure out just which way and how far we were going to go. We decided to do the Pink Streets first, then the area (Bahama Shores) along the water North of Bay Vista and last Coquina Key. Donna would lead the way as she lived in the area. Thanks Donna. We all did the Pink Streets and Bahama Shores. After that part, the Bladers in the group decided to head back and let the Bicyclers do Coquina Key. The Bicyclers ended up doing about 13 miles and the bladers about 10 miles. There were 4 bladers and 16 bicyclers.

We Brunched a Munch's as planned. The bladers were already there and saved us seats so all got seated right away. The service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food excellent. Everyone give ratings of 9.9 and above so we'll give Munch's a rating of 9.9+.



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