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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Well... I was a little cool (53 deg) and a little windy (10 - 20 mph) but a nice sunny day. Bicyclers (back row left) Rob H, Rick P & Ginnie S, Joe W, Diana & Bill S, Jeff B, John L, (front row left) Dee T and Bruce M came. Welcome all. The plan today was to check out the new Bayshore Blvd Trail progress so we skipped the Old Coachman Trail and headed directly over to Bayshore Blvd. looked like the new Bayshore Blvd Trail was basically finished but not cleaned up yet. Hmmmm, what shall we do??? Of course, ignore the "Trail Closed" sign, and head South on the Bayshore Blvd Trail and see how how far we could go. We made it all the way to the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail. We turned around and headed North to Safety Harbor to check out where we might now park in Safety Harbor. Going West on Main Street to 2nd Ave N, there was a big dirt parking lot on the NW corner and if you headed South one block there was a big asphalt parking lot on the SE corner. Both had plenty of parking. While we were on Main St, we decided we might as well check out the Athens Restaurant.

We decided to Brunch at the Athens Restaurant. We got in and it looked pretty crowded, but as we stood there a 6 person and a 4 person table opened up and we sat down for Brunch. The 4 person table got instant service. The 6 person table got waited on eventually and finally the coffee flowed freely and they got served. The 4 person table loved their brunch and service and gave Athens a rating of 10. The 6 person table liked their brunch but only gave Athens a 9.5 rating. We'll give them a 9.75.


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