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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Well.... the day started off a little cool but got better and better as the day went on. Quite a few people skipped our blading/bicycling part and just came to Janet's Brunch. Decided to make our Brunch picture our group picture. We certainly had a nice group of people for the Brunch. We were grouped a little casual in the picture so we'll skip trying to name everyone. Janet had lots of delicious food for all to enjoy. Dorey Anne brought some food and maybe others also. Frankie kept the coffee flowing and we all just had a lovely time devouring the food and telling stories about each other. Paula renewed her Sponsorship. Thanks Paula for the website and functions like today's support. We had 3 bladers and 6 bicyclers today and we managed to do 8.6 miles before we voted to go to Janet's and eat Brunch. After Brunch we did play a little ping pong. We all gave Janet a 10+. Thanks Janet & Frankie for a fun time and a great Brunch.


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