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Denver Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/bicyclers (back row left) Terra S, Wendy F, Buddy S, Pete & Olivia K, Paula C, Dee T, Roy H, Wendy H, Diana & Bill S, Dorey Anne, John L, Sable D, Rob H, front row left) Bruce M, Jeff B, Carol J, Rob G and Joe W came. Welcome all. Jeff led us North from Denver Park on Tanglewood Dr NE to 62nd Ave, West on 62nd Ave to 1st St, North on 1st St to 81st Ave NE and West on 81st Ave NE to Riviera Bay Park. We went around the park and then headed back towards Denver Park a different way except for 1st St, 62nd Ave and Tanglewood Dr NE. All did the 11 mile round trip. We had 3 Bladers and 17 Bicyclers. Most of us then bicycled over to Jeff and Darlene's house and stored our bicycles in their garage for Brunch.

Darlene had Brunch ready for us, we devoured the food and socialized with all. Glennis W, Toby B, Patty, Loraine & James and another couple joined us for Brunch. We all had a grand time socializing and all rated the Brunch a 10+++. Thanks Darlene and Jeff for a great Blade/Bicycle and wonderful Brunch.



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