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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back row left) Lorraine L, Bruce M, Pam & Joel R, Dan C, Wilma & Jim F, Dee T, Steve G, Roy H, (front row left) Carol J, Linda C, Ginnie S, Jeff B, Dorey Anne, Donna Sue, John L and Rick P came. Welcome all. We decided to do Paradise Key and Tierra Verde and so we headed off to Paradise Key. Naturally we had to stop and get a group picture at the Pirate Lady mail box on Paradise Key. Heading North on Pinellas Bayway S towards Tierra Verde we were working against a 15-20 mph wind. We managed pretty good and at least did 8-10 mph against the wind. On Tierra Verde we were protected somewhat from the wind and enjoyed the beautiful homes. After Tierra Verde we headed South with the wind and enjoyed 10-15 mph speeds. We had 2 Bladers and 16 Bicyclers. In the last couple of weeks Iara B, Paula C, Cindy B, Phil V and Bill H renewed their Sponsorships. Thanks Iara, Paula, Cindy, Phil and Bill for the activities and website support.
We Brunched at the Island Grille as planned. We had 18 people to seat so it took them a few minutes to assemble a big table in the group room for us. We all got seated at the big table and the coffee starting flowing and the orders taken. We sort of caught them on day that they didn't think was going to be very busy so it took them a little bit to get organized and they said we caused them to run out of eggs! The food was very good as usual and almost everyone gave their Brunch a 9 or 10. Of course someone is always not over delighted and we got a 9. We'll give the Island Grille a 9.8.


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