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Courtney Campbell Causeway East End

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back row left) Joel & Pam R, Ginnie S & Rick P, John Rose, Rob H, (front row left) Bruce M, Jeff B and Dee T. Welcome all. Today was John R's first bicycle ride with us. Welcome John. Our first challenge of the day was to figure out how to use the parking meter. We finally did but the #$&* meter ran out of paper so some of us didn't have parking stickers to display. It was okay as they didn't get a parking ticket. Our next decision was how far to blade/bicycle in the Westerly direction. Not a problem, everyone did how far West they wanted to go. Some did a round trip of 8 miles, some did 10 miles and some did 15.2 miles. The 15.2 mile people had another problem. They only had paid for 2 hours parking and they got back in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Fortunately again no tickets. We had 2 bladers and 7 bicyclers. This last week Sherrie F renewed her Sponsorship. Thanks Sherrie for the activities and website support.
Oh yes, and we didn't have a breeze to contend with. Check out the flat water in the group picture.
We had planned to Brunch at the Garden Grille but decided to Brunch at the Athens Restaurant in Safety Harbor instead. By doing so we all could check out the new Trail from the Long Center connection to Bayshore Blvd to the new trail to the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail. It looked finished and many people were using it. A group got to Athens first and reserved a table for all. We got good service and good food. All ratings we 9.8 and up. We'll give them a 9.9.



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