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Safety Harbor

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. We had slightly cloudy skies, lots of sun and a little SE breeze. Bicyclers (left) Bruce M & Dorey Anne, Lech O, Rick P & Ginnie S, Rob H, Jeff B and Dee T came. Welcome all. As this was the first time we had met here, we discovered a few things. One was the street to the East of the parking lot (2nd Ave N) had lots of off the street parking under the shade of this 350 year old elm tree in the background of the group picture below. A good start for the day. We then headed South over to the Marina off Bayshore Blvd and checked out the restroom facility. It worked as a restroom but was a little messy. Then off we headed down Bayshore Blvd for 3 miles to the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The wooden bridge we crossed along the way near the causeway was pretty wet but doable. Some of us only lasted 2 more miles going East on the causeway but many kept going for 4 more miles on the causeway to the big bridge near the East end. Those that did 2 more miles did a round trip of 10 miles and those that did 4 more miles did a round trip of 14 miles. We had 8 bicyclers.
We Brunched at the Athens Restaurant as planned. The 10 mile group got there ahead of the 14 mile group and saved them a table. The service was pretty good, the coffee flowed freely and the food good but the waitress was kind of grouchy. We gave Athens a 9.6 rating.



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