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Skyway Access Trail

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (left) Bruce M, Dorey Anne, Al, Paula S, Joe S, Roy H, Jeff B, Jan G, Lech O, Rick P, Ginnie S, Carol K, Rob H and Steve G came. Welcome all. We decided to do the Skyway Access Trail North to the Pinellas Trail and then go East on the Pinellas Trail to get in a 12 mile round trip. Unfortunately one of the bicyclist's wasn't feeling too good so we turned around early and only did 11.5 miles. Everyone was a bicyclist today. All 14 of us. Jeff had brought his bicycle as well as his blades so he joined us bicycling. Lech had invited 4 new people to join us today. Thanks Lech, your friends are very nice people and hopefully will join us again. Rick & Ginnie brought Carol K again. Welcome back Carol.
We Brunched at a new restaurant today, the Skyway Diner. We got right in and seated at one long table. The service was a little slow however our waitress was very friendly but a little bit in another world. She took our coffee order and then forgot to bring us our coffee. However we reminded her. We had food ratings from 8 to 9.5. We'll give the Skyway Dinner a 9.1. The restaurant was very clean and pretty quiet as it wasn't packed with people.


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