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Lake Seminole Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Willi, Glennis W, Rob & Amie H, Wendy H, Terri S, Dennis & Ellen H, Dan C, Sam T, Darlene B, Jim F, Linda C, Dorey Anne, Wilma F, Ginnie S, John L, Sandi R, (front left) Bruce M, Herb E, Dee T, Steve G, Jeff B, Glenn R and Rick P on the ground. Welcome all. We decided to do the Park for 2.3 miles and then the Park Trail for 2 miles and do them again until each person felt just right. Some people did about 6 miles and some people did about 12 miles. Of the 25 people in the group picture we had 12 Bladers and 13 Bicyclers. However we also had 18 other people that had some Bladers and Bicyclers but they missed the group picture as they came later.

As indicated above, we had 43 people attend our Shelter #12 Catered Picnic. Sonny's BBQ came about 5 minutes before 11 AM with the food, drinks and utensils. The food got all set up in just a few minutes and we all started chowing down. Ummmm good was the response. The group rated Sonny's BBQ a 9.8. The weather was very nice, Shelter #12 suited us well and the food was great. Our only complaint was that the restrooms were about 50 yards away. Mike M and Janice H got so enthusiastic that they paid their Sponsors fee for 2017. Thanks for the website and functions support Mike and Janice.


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