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Treasure Island

Another Beautiful cool Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Jim F, Rob H, Darlene B, Diane & Bill S, Steve G, Wilma F, Dan & Linda C, Roy H, Janet L, (front left) Lorraine L, Glennis W, Jeff B, Bruce M & Dee T. Welcome all. We decided to do our normal route of the Isle of Capri, Treasure Island beach sidewalk and the Isle of Palms. Bruce led the Isle of Capri and had to leave so Jeff lead the rest of the way. We had 4 Bladers, 11 Bicyclers and Janet who helped out. Thanks Janet for helping and Jeff for leading part way. Almost all did the 9.2 mile round trip.

Those Brunching decided they would Brunch at Ricky T's if Janet could go ahead and get the group in. She was successful and the Brunchers got seated at two tables. Service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food very good. A few inputs rated Ricky T's a 9.75.



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