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Walter Fuller Park

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. We had nice weather in the low 70s as forecast. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Rick P, Nick S, Joel F, Ginnie S, Kim F, Liz H, Roy H (front left) Bruce M, Dorey Anne, Dee T, Steve G, Rob H and Glennis W came. Welcome all. We did our normal route and most of us went down the trail to 43rd St and back for 11.4 miles. Two only did a round trip of 8.2 miles. We had 4 Bladers and 9 Bicyclers. It was good to see Liz come out with us again.

We attempted to Brunch at Doe Does as planned but the Toys for Tots parade had Tyrone Blvd blocked off at Park St. Unfortunately only a few of us were able to communicate and only 3 managed to Brunch at a new little restaurant called Darrell & Sharon's located at 4131 Park St N. We gave them a 9.5 rating. It was a pretty small place with not many parking places and its not likely we would ever attempt to Brunch there again.


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