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Skyway Access Trail

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. It was a little cool at 8:30 AM but warmed up nicely by 9:30 AM. Bladers/Bicyclers (left) Bruce M, Kim F, Glennis W, Roy H, Dorey Anne, Steve G, Rick P, Ginnie S, Dawn and Randy came. Welcome all. Was good to see Dawn and Randy visiting from Canada again. We wanted to get in at least 10 miles today so we decided to do the Skyway Access Trail up to the Pinellas Trail and back and then do a little of the trail along 54th Ave toward the beach. Some of us ended up doing 8.6 miles and some did 13.5 miles. We had 4 Bladers and 6 Bicyclers. This week Chuck & Debbie H, Ken L, Cindy B and Diane L renewed their Sponsorship for 2017. Thanks Chuck, Debbie, Ken, Cindy and Diane for the website and activities support. As the sign in the picture indicates, the newly built Publix had opened up for business. It looked beautiful and big inside and out.
We decided to Brunch at Munch's. We got to Munch's in little groups but got right in and seated at 3 tables. Service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food great as usual. Someone forgot to ask all for their ratings but I would give Munch's a 9.75.


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