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Pink Streets - Coquina Key

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. The weather today was almost perfect for a December day. We all wore tee shirts with only a few being long sleeves. Blader/Bicyclers (left) Bruce M, Steve G, Dorey Anne, Dee T, Ginnie S, Rick P and Roy H came. Welcome all. We decided to do the Pink Streets first and then head towards Coquina Key. For some reason the streets were pretty damp in places. We couldn't figure out if it had rained in the night or there was heavy fog or people got the streets wet watering their lawns. While we were enjoying the Pink Streets we stopped by Linda & Brian's house. We did about 3.5 miles doing the Pink Streets and then headed to Coquina Key and did about 6 more miles for a total of 9.5 miles. We actually did get up into Coquina Key. We had 1 blader and 5 bicyclers. Where were all the rest of you???

We Brunched at Munch's as planned. We got right in and seated at 3 tables. Brian and Linda joined us at Munch's. Willi attempted to contact Bruce via cell phone to join us for Brunch but Bruce never checked his phone for messages before Brunch. Sorry Willi. The service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food great as usual. We gave Munch's a 9.8 rating.


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