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Wall Springs

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Well we did have a 10-15 mph NE breeze, temperatures in the high 50s but fortunately nice and sunny skies. Bladers/Bicyclers (left back) Bruce M, Bill H, Cathy H, Roy H, Dorey Anne, Bill S, Diane S, Rick P, Ginnie S, Darlene B, (front left) Rob H, Janice H, Jeff B, Dee T and Steve G. Welcome all. We discussed going North or South on the Trail. Normally we would have gone North so the wind would be behind us returning. So much for being normal, we decided to go South and take in the neighbor hoods on the way. After the neighbor hoods we would return to the Trail and go the the Ozona Bridge and return back. Most did the 11.5 mile round trip. We had 2 Bladers & 13 Bicyclers. It was good to have Janice, Bill and Cathy join us.

We Brunched at Rodie's as planned. We got in after about only a 10 minute wait as they were very busy as usual. All 15 of us got seated at a big table made from 3 regular tables. At such a big table I was concerned at how long it would take our young lady waitress to get us serviced and fed. However she did a great job and kept our coffee cups filled and the food to us in a reasonable time. Most every one rated the food excellent except we did have come complaints on the Hash Browns. Therefore the ratings ranged from 9.5 to 10. Many ratings were 9.8. We'll give Rodie's a 9.75


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