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Clearwater Beach

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (left) Bruce M, Rob H, Dee T, Jeff B, Steve G, Dorey Anne, Michele P, Roy H and Carol K came. Welcome all. Well... I expected to see the new Publix finished and open. As you can see they had a bigger project in mind and it won't be done until fall. We decided to do our regular route and headed out. We all stayed together until we got to the bridge to the beach. At the beach bridge Roy & Carol decided to stay back. The beach looked very active and it appeared they were going to have a volley tournament. All who took the longer beach route did 11.5 miles. We had 2 Bladers & 7 Bicyclers.

As we cruised the beach, we noticed many restaurants open that we could have Brunch at. However there was one problem. There was hardly any parking or you had to pay for parking. We decided to eat at Gerogie Boys as planned. We got right in and all seated at a big table.  Service was good and the coffee flowed freely. Four of us guys had what they called the "Kitchen Sink". It was very good and almost too much to eat. All others give their Brunch the very good rating also.


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