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North Shore Dr NE Downtown St. Pete

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. However the weather was too variable for us to make good plans. It rained where we meet at (12th Ave NE & Northshore Dr NE) so we decided to have Breakfast at Munch's on the South side where it might be dry. It was dry in the Munch's area but we decided to eat Breakfast first. Breakfast and the service at Munch's was very good, After Breakfast we were going to Blade/Bicycle Coquina Key but it had rained and the streets were still a little wet. Out of the group of 9 people, 3 decided to do Coquina Key no matter what. The 3 of us, bicyclers, did 7 miles on Coquina key and had a fun time. Instead of raining on us the weather let up and the streets dried out by the end of the 7 miles. Thank goodness.


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