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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. What we thought might turn out to be a very cloudy morning turned into sunny day. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Carol J, Yvonne L, John L, Roy H, Steve G, Ginnie S, Rick P, Anne T, Bruce M (front left) Jeff B and Dee T. Welcome all. We decided to do our regular route but a few people indicated they would probably return early. A few did return early but those continuing added in an extra mile or so. We ended up with a group only doing 5 miles, a group doing 7 miles and a group doing 11 miles. There were 2 Bladers and 9 Bicyclers. John & Yvonne rode their suitcase bicycles as you can see in the group picture. Their bicycles can fold up and fit into an airplane suitcase.

We got a surprise for our Brunch location. It was Yvonne's birthday so John invited all to join them for breakfast at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. This was a very pleasant surprise and Happy Birthday Yvonne. We all had a delicious and social breakfast.


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