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Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left)Pam L, Barbara B, Steve G, Willi E, Dee T, Michael E, Dorey Anne (front left) Bruce M, Carol J and Rob G came, Welcome all. We discussed doing the Legacy Trail or doing the Trails South. The Trails South won and off we headed over the bridge to head South on the West side of the waterway that goes to the ocean. Fortunately we had Rob G to lead us and Willi to keep us from losing the stragglers. We did about 5.9 miles to arrive at Venice Beach. We wandered the beach board walk , looked around and naturally took a couple group pictures. On the way back we took a bridge over to the East side of the waterway to go back. We ended up with a round trip of 10.7 miles, There were 5 Bladers and 5 Bicyclers.

We Brunched at Gecko's as Willi suggested. We got right in and seated at a big table on the porch they set up for us. The service was good, the drinks flowed pretty good and the food very good. Gecko's was a nice place and I think we all would recommend going there again.



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