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Safety Harbor


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. It started off a little foggy but cleared up nicely. Bicyclers (back left) Breeze, Iara W, Eric I (Breeze Jr), Cathy I, Rob H, Bill S, Vivian A, Max, (front left) Bruce M, Steve G, Dee T and Carol J came. Welcome all. People were concerned it would be wet from the fog so we only had Bicycles. We decided to do our regular route of Bayshore Blvd and Courtney Campbell Causeway with a short first stop at the Marina. We had groups do 5 miles, 7 miles, 12.5 miles & 14.6 miles. The 14.6 mile group turned around at the East end big bridge.

We've recently had several people (Carol J, Dee T, Sam T, Michael E & Vivian A) renew their Sponsorship that are due Jan 1 for 2018. Thanks for your continued support to the Sunday Bladers/Bicyclers.

We brunched at Athens restaurant as planned. The food and service were good and the coffee flowed freely as usual. The Brunch picture taker missed Brunch so we didn't get a Brunch picture.



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