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Keystone Road Trail


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (top Left) Herb E, Patricia S, Rob H, Carol J, Steve G, (front left) Jeff B and Bruce M came. Welcome all. We decided to do the Keystone Road Trail from the Tarpon Train Station to the end and back. This would be a round trip of 20 miles so obviously everyone wouldn't do the whole trip. A few indicated they would turn around at East Lake Road for a 10 mile round trip. We wanted also to stop at Broker Creek Preserve which was 2.3 miles past East Lake Road for a 14.6 mile round trip. As it turned out 2 did 10 miles, 2 did~ 15 miles and 3 did 20 miles. As everyone knew it would likely be a long day with probably some rough trails so all were on bicycles. Was good to see Herb and Patricia again.

We Brunched at Rodies as planned. All the ones that did the shorter routes waited patiently for the rest to make it to Rodies. Thanks to those patient people. The first to Rodies saved seats for all so we all sat at the same table. As usual at Rodies, the service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food very good.



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