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Safety Harbor


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (left) Rick P, Ginnie S, Steve G, Giorgia J, Roy H and Bruce M came. Welcome all. We were missing 4 other regulars: Jeff, Carol, Dee and Rob. We discussed what trails to take and decided to do the little trail over by the restrooms, Bayshore Blvd, skip the Long Center and play it by feel at Courtney Campbell Causeway. We had some bicyclers turn around at the first little Courtney Campbell bridge and some turn around at the "Courtney Campbell Trail Dedicated 2013" sign. Those that turned around at the little bridge did 10 miles and the others did 14 miles.

To our surprise Athens Restaurant was closed this week. We decided to Brunch at the Paradise Restaurant a few blocks West down Main Street. We got right in and all seated at one end of a big table. The service was good, the coffee and water flowed freely and the food very very good. We might choose Paradise versus Athens next time.



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