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North Shore Drive

Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Tommy M, Giorgia J, Steve G, Rob H, Dee T, John L, (front left) Yvonne L, Kim F, Jeff B and Bruce M came. Welcome all. We started out to do our regular route of 10 miles but it got expanded as we went. On our way out to Eden Island we detoured and stopped by to see Michael R. & Sandi. As planned we stopped to see Joel F. Instead of stopping at Kentucky on Overlook Dr we went on out and did Venetian Isles. We did a few more extras and ended doing a round trip of 14.5 miles. We had 2 Bladers and 8 Bicyclers. Tommy M joined us for the first time. Welcome Tommy.

When it came time to go to Brunch, John L invited all of us to join him and Yvonne at the St Pete Yacht Club. He didn't have to ask us twice, we eagerly said "YES". We had a lovely and social time at the table for 10 arranged for us. Our only problem was not to stuff ourselves with all the wonderful and delicious food available. Thanks a million John for a great Brunch.



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