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Safety Harbor


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bicyclers (back left) Tommy M, Jan G, Lech O, Christina A, Sara B, Steve G, (front Left) Giorgia J, Vivian A, Jeff B, Bruce M and Dave A (not in picture) came. Welcome all. We decided to do our regular route: South on Bayshore Blvd to Courtney Campbell Causeway. Go east on the causeway and return back when deciding to. Going along Bayshore Blvd was great as it was shady and protected against the sun. Going East on the causeway was against an 8-10 mph breeze in the full sun. One group did a 9 mile round trip, one a 12 mile round trip and one did a 15 mile round trip. Every one was bicycling and all had a fun time. It was good to see Vivian and her daughter Christina, Sara B and Dave A again. Please don't stay away so long next time.

Even though Safety Harbor was having a big down town (about 60 booths) sale, we managed to get into the Athens Restaurant for Brunch. We got seated right away, the coffee flowed freely and the food was very good as usual. Much to our pleasant surprise, Ginnie and Rick joined us for Brunch. Ginnie had just returned from traveling about midnight last night.


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