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Tierra Verde


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. Bladers/Bicyclers (back left) Joel F, Lech O, Ginnie S, Rick P, Dee T, Steve G, Tommy B, Bruce M, (front left) Kim F, John L, Yvonne L and Helen (missing) came. Welcome all. We had a mild NE breeze and had to plan the best route to put up with the breeze. We decided to do Paradise Key, Tierra Verde, Pine Key and return. This came out to be 9.3 miles. Today we had 2 Bladers and 11 Bicyclers. A great group.

Our Favorite Brunch Restaurant, the Island Grille, raised their lowest brunch to ~$15 so we decided to try a new restaurant for Brunch. Of the three close by we went to the Phila Deli. It seemed to be a pretty good place but we learned the hard way they must only have one cook. After the first table served was done eating, the 3rd table hadn't even been served yet. However the food was pretty good and the prices reasonable. Rick P ask me if I was buying every ones Brunch. Well...we have about $600 in our Sunday Bladers account so I said YES. Breakfast for 13 people was $117.92. Tips were for each person to pay.



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