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Treasure Island


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. People (picture at tree starting on back left) Steve G, Darlene B, Rick P, Ginnie S, Rob H, Giorgia J, Tommy M, Dee T, Lech O, (front left) Carol J, Jeff B and Bruce M came. We headed out and in the picture with a house Barbara in red shorts and Lorraine with a Blue helmet met up with us. This made a nice group of 2 Bladers and 12 Bicyclers. We did our regular Treasure Island route of 11 miles. It was a beautiful day and most just wore tee shirts.
We Brunched at Foxy's restaurant as planned. We got right in and seated at one table on the inside and two tables on the outside. The service was good, the coffee flowed freely and the food seemed exceptionally good today.
Since last Sunday, Jeff & Darlene B, Dee & Sam T, Lind M & Tom H, Glenn & Sandy R, Ken & Cindy L, LaMona H, Rob H, Steve G, Lech O, Bill H, Chris W & Ginny H and Lorraine L renewed their Sponsorships. Thanks all for the wonderful support.



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