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Causeway East End


Another Beautiful Sunday in Paradise. We joined the Trail Hog Skaters and had a great but a little breezy Skate. My quick count of the Group Picture gives 12 Sunday Bladers in the group of 27. The route to take is from the East End (Ben T Davis Beach) to Bayshore Blvd and back. A round trip distance of approximately 16.5 miles. We had about an 8 to 10 mph East Wind and therefore going West was super fun and going East was hard work. Today going west you could cruse at 16-20 mph but returning at about 7-9 mph was hard work. I believe Jeff & Dee did the complete 16.5 mile route but not sure about others. My bicycle odometer displayed 12.4 miles. Thanks go to the Trail Hog people for a fun day.
Five of our group Brunched at the Athens Restaurant in Safety Harbor. We had to wait a while to get in but the service and food were very good as always.


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